Woman says her daughter is wearing a wig at school

Woman says her daughter is wearing a wig at school

A woman in Kuwait, Kuwait, has claimed her daughter was wearing a fake wig at the school she teaches.

The woman, who cannot be named for legal reasons, told Al Jazeera the girl wore the wig on a Saturday at the primary school where she teaches in Kuwaqa.

“She wore it for a few days.

She did not want to stop.

She wanted to wear it, so I told her to get her hair done and she did,” she said.”

I called the headmistress and the headmaster, who said she needed to get a wig and she should get a hairstyle.

She went and got one.

She got a wig.

She was not wearing it.

She wore it on a very short day.”

Kuwaqa is a city in Kuwait, located in the country’s north, which was founded in 1932 by the British and is one of the few Arab countries without an independent state.

The province is home to Kuwait’s only military base, the Al Udeid Air Base, and the main port of Jeddah.

It is also the only Arab country without an official foreign policy and has been known to be particularly sensitive to criticism of its actions in the Middle East.

Kuwait has been the subject of widespread protests over the past few years, with demonstrations taking place in Kuwaiti cities in October 2016 and January 2017.

The Kuwaiti Ministry of Education is a key player in the Arab League and has faced criticism over how it responds to protest, particularly in the face of rising tensions in the region.

Kuwaqas education ministry denied any political motivations, while the head of the Kuwaiti Civil Guard said there were no reports of the student wearing a disguise or disguising herself as a woman in a school.

“We cannot confirm the allegation, but we can confirm that the girl did not wear a wig in school,” said Majid al-Saedi.

“In the case of other cases, if there are incidents of students wearing disguises, there is a formal procedure that is followed.”

Kuwaitis education minister told Al-Jazeera there are no plans to investigate the case.

Kuwawaas civil defence chief told Al Jazeera that the incident happened at the beginning of the school day, and was likely the result of some sort of accident.

“The situation was normal, students were on their way to school,” he said.

“It’s possible that the students had a mistake.

It was an accident.””

When the school was opened, the girl got into a taxi and was driving to the bus stop and then to the school,” the civil defence director added.”

After she was there, she asked the teacher for help and he said ‘yes, of course, come and get me’.”

The girl said she had to go to the bathroom, so she went to the toilet and left her wig in the toilet.

When she returned to the classroom, the teacher asked her to put the wig back in and the teacher was not able to do that because the wig was in the way.

“So the teacher told her not to put it back in the wig, but he didn’t tell her to take off the wig.”

The civil defence has been called to investigate and the school has since taken down the wig and is working on the issue.

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