Lees hair care tutorial

Lees hair care tutorial

Hello ladies!

I am Lees beauty assistant and this is my tutorial on how to use my little black magic hair dye to make your hair glow!

If you want to see how I dye my hair for this tutorial, you can check out my previous tutorial here: How to Make a Curly Hair Tutorial with my Black Magic Hair Dye.

Lees Black Magic is a popular hair dye that can be used in a variety of different ways.

I have used it to dye my locks, curly hair and even curly hair.

Lees Black is a hair dye I purchased over the internet, but if you want it made in your own home, I recommend you check out the instructions.

It is also the hair dye for Lees Hair Style line, which is available at the Amazon store and the Walmart store.

Here are the ingredients for your Black Magic: Dextrose (natural or synthetic), Methanol (water, ethanol, or petroleum), Aloe Vera (sodium alumina, alumina hydroxystearate), Hydrogen Peroxide (hydrogen peroxide, hydrogen peroxide-based), Coconut Oil (oil, avocado, coconut oil), Tobacco (canola oil, peanut oil, olive oil, avocado oil),  Cocoa (nougat, cocoa butter, vanilla bean paste, peanut butter), Sodium Chloride (chlorine, chlorine dioxide, chlorine bleach), Aqueous Alcohol (alcohol, methanol, water, ethanol), Chloroform (liquid, chloroform, water), Baking Soda (baking soda, vinegar, soda ash, soda water),  Methyl Alcohol  (methanol, ethanol) Directions: 1.

Wash and rinse your hair.

I recommend using a soft comb and a towel to rinse it. 2.

Add water, methyl alcohol, and chloroformed water to a small bowl and stir it. 3.

Add your hair dye and stir until dissolved.


Add the hair into the bowl and allow to soak for 1-2 minutes.


When you feel your hair is dry enough to be brushed and dried, add the rest of the ingredients to the bowl.


Mix well and let sit for 10 minutes.


Rinse your hair with warm water.


Apply your hair in the direction of the direction you want the color to go. 9.

After your hair has soaked for a few minutes, it should be about the same color as the direction it was washed.

Apply it as normal. 


You can experiment with different shades of color, as long as you keep the color the same.

You may need to experiment with how much color you add to the mixture to achieve the desired color.

If you like the look of the hair, you may want to keep using the dye for a while.


Once your hair looks like it has absorbed all of the color from the mixture, add your shampoo and use it as usual.

You will know that your hair will be ready to go if you have a soft and smooth feeling when you brush your hair and your hair stays on. 12.

Once you are finished with your hair, wash your hair again.


You should be left with a strand of hair that is just a bit longer than your usual hair length.

Apply a thin coat of black hair dye on top of your hair to finish off the look.


When your hair becomes completely dry and you are ready to use the shampoo again, leave your hair dry and brush it as before.

You might want to give it a quick rinse with warm shampoo to help the dye soak in. 15.

Leave your hair damp for about 20 minutes to allow the hair to dry completely before you combing your hair for the next step.


You should now have the black hair you wanted to dye.

Apply the hair on top and give it an even coating.


Once your hair starts to look slightly longer than usual, add a bit of a thin layer of your black hair product to give your hair a little extra volume.


Continue applying the hair product and you should have the look you want.

I like to apply my hair product on the ends of my fingers and on my head and blend it all in.

The black hair can really get on my face and the color can really bring out the color on my skin.


I highly recommend you use your favorite product to achieve your desired color, because this hair product really makes your hair look amazing!


 Have fun making your own black hair!

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