Belton haircare and beauty salon, Belton, is selling to a new owner

Belton haircare and beauty salon, Belton, is selling to a new owner

Belton has announced it will be closing its Belton Haircare and Beauty Salon on July 1. 

The news comes after months of talks to sell the business to a company that plans to take over the business, and the closing is expected to take place in the coming days. 

According to a press release, the news will be announced at a Belton Homecoming on July 14. 

 The closure will mean that Belton will be no longer owned by the family, and will be managed by a new management team. 

“We’ve done everything right for Belton and we will continue to do so,” the statement read. 

In February, Belfort had sold its hair care business to Kaleida Holdings.

The Belton Beauty Salon was founded in 2006, and had a reputation for being one of the best-run beauty salons in the country.

Kaleida bought the salon in 2017 and announced in September that it would be taking over the reins of the business.

At the time, Kaleidas chief executive said that the move was the best move for the business at the time. 

However, the sale of Belton to a foreign company has raised eyebrows. 

One of the things that drew the ire of some customers was that the salon was offering a $250 coupon on their haircare purchases, and some customers were upset by the idea of paying $250 more for a single product.

“We will be opening the door to a whole new customer base,” the Kaleidas chief executive, Tim O’Donnell, said at the announcement.

While Kaleideas is owned by a Canadian company, its ownership has been subject to some legal wrangling.

The company has been in a legal battle with the US Justice Department, which claims it has no legal rights to Belton products.

There have been a number of lawsuits filed by Belton customers against Kaleiases claims of ownership, and many have been dismissed.

According to the news release, Belons new owners are looking to bring Belton into compliance with the International Trade Commission’s (ITC) Buy American rules. 

It is unclear what new customers may or may not be able to get. 

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