The best of the best

The best of the best

DHA/EPA – All that matters is that it works.

If it does not, no one is going to care.

That’s the takeaway from a new study from the International Journal of Hair Loss Therapy.

Researchers from the University of Zurich in Switzerland recruited 3,000 women with DHA deficiency.

They asked them about their daily use of a shampoo, conditioner and conditioner/shampoo and conditioners and shampoo, and a shampoo/conditioner combo, and compared the results with those of similar women who did not have DHA deficiencies. 

What they found was that those who had lower levels of DHA in their bodies were more likely to experience a dry scalp, with dry hair being more common among those with lower levels.

This was true even among those who were also less likely to suffer from dry scalp syndrome, which can lead to hair loss.

The study also found that people who had higher levels of cortisol, which is a hormone that stimulates hair growth, were more susceptible to dry scalp.

The researchers found that women with higher levels are also more likely than those with less to experience dry scalp and to have dry hair at a younger age. 

It’s not clear what causes dry scalp but the researchers suggested it could be a result of genetic factors, stress, or a combination of the two.

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