How to spot a bad haircare product

How to spot a bad haircare product

Hair care is about more than just styling and styling products.

Here are some common hair care issues, from irritants and harsh chemicals to unnecessary harsh products and harmful ingredients.


Bad shampoo: If you think your shampoo is bad, it’s time to change your routine.

If you don’t take any time to wash your hair regularly, it can cause the scalp to dry out and you can also damage your hair.

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Bad styling: Bad styling can affect the texture of your hair, leaving it looking more flaky, wrinkled and coarse.

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Bad conditioning: If your hair is dry and brittle after a shower, it could be because you’re conditioning your hair with chemicals, which can damage it.

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Hair loss: The condition of your skin can affect how your hair looks, and it can also affect the quality of your shampoo.

If it doesn’t moisturise properly, it will strip the hair of its natural oils.


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