What to avoid in the winter

What to avoid in the winter

If you have a hard time finding a natural winter hair care product, don’t panic, according to Liz McQueen.

In an interview with MTV News, McQueen shared her top five winter hair products to keep your hair healthy and shiny in the cold weather.

“It’s not just about buying a natural product, it’s about finding one that is natural, that’s nourishing, and it doesn’t make you look like a supermodel,” she explained.

“The best thing is to look for products that are non-irritating, that are not irritating to your skin, that can be taken in with your shampoo and conditioner, or it can be applied to your hair,” McQueen added.

“You can get that from the brands that are made in Africa or from companies that are based in the US or UK, or you can also go and try some natural products.”

“If you want to keep it beautiful, try a natural hair product that doesn’t irritate your skin,” she added.

“That is a good thing to do.”

McQueen also told MTV News that if you want natural hair products that aren’t overly expensive, you should avoid buying products made in the U.S. and Britain.

“If you’re in a city, it will be cheaper for you, but in some parts of the country you may have to go and get your products from your local supermarket,” she said.

“That is where a lot of people end up.”

In addition to McQueen’s advice, she shared her favorite natural hair care products to try in the warmer months.

“My favourite product to use for the winter is the Jojoba shampoo, it has this wonderful smell that you don’t really feel in your hair.

I like the coconut scent that comes out of it, it gives you a lot more hydration,” she told MTV.

“The only other thing that I really like is the Bobbi Brown Hair Care products, which are moisturising and are also not irritating,” she shared.

“There are so many natural products out there, but you have to try something new,” she continued.

“I really like a product like the Tampax that is a bit different to the ones I like.”

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