A long-haired, k9 haircare company opens in Florida

A long-haired, k9 haircare company opens in Florida

A Florida hair care company has opened a salon in Miami, offering k9 haircuts and hair extensions.

K9 Hair Care Inc., based in Miami-Dade County, will offer k9 services, including hair extensions, hair products and styling services.

It is the latest addition to the market to cater to the growing market for curly hair.

The company’s president, Mark Dickson, said that the new location in Miami is designed to appeal to the curly hair market and is “just one of many new k9 hairstyles and services we’re offering this summer and into the future.” 

The new salon will be at the corner of S. Beach Boulevard and N. Miami Beach Boulevard, which is located about a mile from the entrance to the Miami Marlins’ spring training complex.

K9 Haircare is an umbrella company for K9 hair products. 

“We’ve been serving the curly haired for over 20 years,” Dickson said.

“There are so many great curly hairdos and extensions out there.

The key is to find the one that you love and love to use.

We are excited to provide our customers with a new and exciting product that they can use daily.” 

It’s the latest foray into the k9 community, which has seen a steady growth in popularity and demand for curly haircuts over the past few years.

The popularity of the k8 and k9 styles is largely due to the popularity of YouTube videos, which show people applying k9 products.

It’s also due to a growing trend of people styling their hair with extensions, which are not the same as a hair cut. 

The k9 market is growing fast, according to the Hair Institute of America.

K8, k7 and k6 haircuts are the most popular styles, followed by k9, k6 extensions and k5 extensions.

Dickson said that while the new salon is aimed at the curly side of the hair market, he’s excited to offer new options for people who are looking for longer-lasting, more natural results. 

He said the company will also offer other hair products like the “Spiral Hair Gel,” which is meant to help maintain curls for up to eight hours. 

In addition to offering k8 haircuts, the company offers k9 extensions, k5 haircuts as well as “powdered hair,” which Dickson calls “the new black.”

Dickson hopes that the salon will become a popular spot for those looking to have a “pitch black” look. 

For now, the new Miami location is only open for a limited time, but Dickson says the salon is already receiving praise from customers.

“It’s been a blast to work with so many people and to get the response that we’ve gotten,” Dinson said.

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