How to treat your hair on a Moroccan holiday

How to treat your hair on a Moroccan holiday

If you’re looking to do a Moroccan hair care routine, then you might want to consider looking into what a Moroccan is, says Dr Ayoub Joudia.

The Moroccan hair is the hair of a people who live in the Sahara Desert, where the humidity can be up to 100 degrees.

It is naturally frizzy, and the hair tends to be thick and frizzy in appearance, making it very hard to control.

“Moroccan Hair Care” is a type of Moroccan shampoo that has a mild, watery smell, but it has been developed to help the hair condition, according to Joudi.

It can be used as a base for a number of Moroccan hair products.

Ayoubi Joudya explains how to use Moroccan Hair Care in this video guide.

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