‘I have to go to a salon’

‘I have to go to a salon’

A woman in India is facing discrimination for having hair that’s too short.

The 20-year-old woman, who has asked not to be named, told Al Jazeera she has been forced to go through “unnecessary” procedures.

“I have a long, thick hair that needs to be cut.

I don’t want to go with other women in my class.

I want to be the first one out of my class to go.

I have to be careful, and my hair will get cut,” she said.

In April, the National Hair Survey for Women (NHWS) found that in India, almost one in four women has hair that is shorter than 15 inches.

The NHWS, which is based in New Delhi, monitors women’s hair length, but not the length of their bangs.

“Women with longer hair have to undergo procedures to get the bangs cut, which can take up to three hours.

The women with shorter bangs have to get a cut done themselves, and then the women with longer bangs will go to the salon and have their hair cut.

In many cases, they have to wear the hair coverings themselves,” NHWS director, Sanjay Bhattacharya, told AFP.

The survey found that the average Indian woman has about 1,400 bangs, and of those, around 90 per cent have shorter bangles.

It is a condition called wavy hair, or wavy cut hair.

“We know that it affects women’s mental health and physical health.

It affects their mental health, it affects their appearance.

If a woman has wavy bangs it is very hard for her to maintain her appearance,” Bhattatcharya told AFP, adding that in the past, the condition was seen as a sign of mental illness.”

What we are seeing is a change of the trend.

Women with short hair are getting less and less hair, and the people who want to buy it are getting more and more women.

It is not an easy situation for women,” he said.

The Indian government, in a statement, said that “hair coverings, especially for women, are needed to ensure safety of their hair and reduce the chances of them being exposed to harmful chemicals and germs”.

The NHTS has been conducting similar surveys for the past six years, but Bhattarary said the NHWS had found a large number of women had not undergone these procedures and that there were still people who had been cut without them.

“The people who have been cut have not had their hair removed.

They are still affected by the condition,” he added.

The women’s group, known as Aayoga, said the situation for these women was deplorable.

“It is not just the government that is concerned.

The state governments are also concerned, but we are trying to make it a point that it is a problem, not a problem,” the group’s chief executive officer, A.K. Srivastava, told Reuters news agency.”

If there is one thing the government should do, it should make sure that the women’s health is not compromised,” he told AFP as he attended a meeting in the capital to launch the campaign.

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