Keune: ‘It was a dream come true’

Keune: ‘It was a dream come true’

The latest in the Keune family saga is the latest on the Keunes’ latest legal battle with the Irish Rugby Football Union (IRFU) over the sale of their ancestral home in Co Meath.

Keune is now an Irish national and Keune’s daughter, Keune Keune, has also been granted a passport to travel to Scotland.

However, a spokeswoman for the IRFU said that it was unclear whether or not Keune would be able to leave the country.

She said it was the union’s policy to not discuss matters that are private.

The Keunes were granted a three-year lease on the land and it is understood that the sale was made to raise funds for the family’s education.

The family’s case was set to go to the Supreme Court of Ireland on Monday (AEST) when Keune will be seeking to get a judicial review of the sale.

The Supreme Court will hear arguments on the legal issues before the Irish Government.

The IRFU had said it could not comment on the matter.

Keunes daughter was granted a British passport last month and is due to fly back to England later this month.

Keuning Keune said her father, who has autism, was the best man at her wedding.

“My dad, he had a very special way of looking at life.

I was able to see his joy in everything he did,” she said.

“It’s so special to see my dad smile and have such a good time, because he’s a very strong man.

He is the best father that I have ever had.”

Keune has also applied for a visa to fly to Scotland, but it has not yet been approved.

She was last in Ireland in August to meet her future husband, who is due in Dublin next month.

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