Carly Corinthos Hair in the “Frozen” Movie

Carly Corinthos Hair in the “Frozen” Movie

Carly Corinthus Hair is definitely not in “Ferry Ride” and the new Disney movie, but she has definitely got a style to prove.

Carly, a “Funny or Die” celebrity, recently made her presence felt by putting her hair in a new movie called “Fruitvale Station,” in which she played a young woman who must choose between her best friend and her family.

Carli is known for having a sweet side, and this look was definitely no exception, so she put her style to the test in an Instagram video.

While it didn’t quite look like a full-blown Disney Princess look, it did look like her hair was on fire.

If you love the Disney princess look, this is definitely the one for you.

The hair is in a braided bun, which adds to the dramatic effect, and it’s styled in a more dramatic ponytail style.

Watch the video below and let us know what you think of the look.

“Filly Filly” Hair and Makeup Makeup artist Carli Corinths is known as a perfectionist and is known to use all kinds of beauty products, which you can see in her makeup collection.

In this video, Carly shows off some of her beauty products that she has for sale.

You can see the complete collection below.

Carlu is currently working on a book called “The Beauty Inside” and has also worked with makeup artist, Kelly Burdick.

In the video above, Carli shows off the collection of beauty tools she has.

Check out the collection in the gallery above.

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