Playa Hair Care: Sandys Hair Care is here!

Playa Hair Care: Sandys Hair Care is here!

By now you should know that Playa hair Care is coming soon to the Playa! 

The company is looking to expand into other countries and has announced that it will be bringing the product to the USA! 

Playa Haircare is an all natural hair care brand that aims to be the best in its field, with their products being formulated with care and style. 

The products they sell are available for purchase through their online store and on the Playas Haircare website. 

This is a very interesting development, and it makes a lot of sense for Playa to be taking their products to the US. 

While Playa may be taking its product to Canada, they have a very long history of being able to ship to the UK, so the decision to move forward to the United States is a big one for them. 

The Playa is not only bringing their products directly to the American market, but they are also expanding into other parts of the world, with a sub-brand of Playa-Hair Care that they plan to launch in 2017! 

 If you are interested in playing along with our recap of Playas new hair care product, check out our video below!

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