When a shampoo costs $60 a pop, you need to check out a professional salon

When a shampoo costs $60 a pop, you need to check out a professional salon

The cost of shampooing your hair is about to get much cheaper.

Salon owners say they’re about to open a new business in the city, and they’ll be opening it in the neighborhood where a famous hairstyle is said to be rooted.

The salon owners of La Belle, a small salon in the trendy West Village neighborhood of New York City, said they plan to open in May.

The salon, which specializes in haircare, will be located in a strip mall in the area, located across the street from a popular bar and restaurant called The Old Mill.

The new salon will be operated by La Belle owner Jennifer Mazzoni, who previously worked as a hair stylist at the La Belle salon in New York.

The New York Post first reported the news.

A recent report by The Post claimed that a shampoo cost $60 to $80 a pop and that the average price of a shampoo is $140.

The report also said the price of the shampoo can vary depending on the type of product you buy.

The news comes as a wave of popularity for hair care products such as conditioner and shampoo has sparked interest in hair products.

Hair stylists say they see a spike in demand from young women, especially as they seek a better hairstyle.

They are also hoping to attract a younger clientele that wants to get their hair done quickly.

A spokesperson for La Belle told ABC News that the salon will offer the same services as a traditional salon, but it will focus on helping salon owners improve their customers’ looks, including using color and styling techniques that improve the texture and look of their hair.

La Belle is the first hair salon in NYC to open up shop.

The other two are located in Brooklyn and New Jersey.ABC News’ Ryan Grim, David Eichler, Michael Martinez, David Brown and John Tlumacki contributed to this report.

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